Special Meeting Announcement – April In-Person Meeting

The regular monthly meeting of the WIARC is scheduled for Wednesday April 7, 7:00 PM.

Location: Twin Oaks 2707 Bonasinga Drive in Quincy

Due to the continuing Covid-19 situation, the Red Cross building is still not available for our use.

The location for the meeting will be the Community Room at the Quincy Mall at 33rd and Broadway.

Plans are to also have the meeting available online using Zoom, check with N9JF if you want to attend remotely. Because of a family commitment, I won’t be there this month so W9WE will be conducting the meeting.

Danny W9DP

PS Members are reminded to bring and, at all times during the meeting, wear, a protective face covering (mask). This will protect your own health as well as that of other members.

Anyone wishing further information on these arrangements are encouraged to check into the 6:45 PM Wednesday WIARC net and make your questions or needs known.

Full minutes of the March meeting are published in the WIARC Feedline newsletter.

Feedline April 2021